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  With a heavy wind astern, so that the sea frequently broke over thelittle Nina, she made eastward rapidly, and at daybreak on the fifteenththey saw land. The Admiral knew that he had made the Azores, he hadbeen steadily directing the course that way; some of the seamen thoughtthey were at Madeira, and some hopeful ones thought they saw the rock ofCintra in Portugal. Columbus did not land till the eighteenth, when he sentsome men on shore, upon the island of Santa Maria. His news of discoverywas at first received with enthusiasm.

  Here, also, the people did not live upon the shore, but two or three leaguesback in the interior, and they only came to the sea by their canoes upon therivers.

  This letter closes by the expression of his determination to go on withhis three ships for further discoveries.

  It seemed clear that the settlement must be abandoned, thatColumbus's brother and his people must be taken back to Spain. Thiscourse was adopted. With infinite difficulty, the guns and stores which hadbeen left with the colony were embarked on the vessels of the Admiral.

  Columbus writes, towards the end of the year 1500, to the formernurse of Don Juan, an account of the treatment he has received. "If mycomplaint of the world is new, its method of abuse is very old," he says.

  The twenty-third was Sunday. It was spent as the day before had been,in mutual civilities. The natives would offer their presents, and say "take,take," in their own language. Five chiefs were among the visitors of theday. From their accounts Columbus was satisfied that there was much goldin the island, as indeed, to the misery and destruction of its inhabitants,there proved to be. He thought it was larger than England. But he wasmistaken. In his journal of the next day he mentions Civao, a land to thewest, where they told him that there was gold, and again he thought hewas approaching Cipango, or Japan.

  The time for petitions and for answers to petitions had come to an end.

  He did not disobey his orders. He says distinctly that he intended topass along the southern shore of San Domingo, and thence take adeparture for the continent. But he says, that his principal vessel sailedvery ill--could not carry much canvas, and delayed the rest of the squadron.


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